About Me

My background

I enlisted in 2000 as an information systems technician (IT), commissioned in 2009 as a surface warfare officer, and became an information warfare officer (information professional) in 2011. I've spent half of my career "afloat" aboard U.S. warships that deploy around the world, and the other half on shore-based staffs working requirements and policy issues. I specialize in IT, telecommunications, and cybersecurity, and I'm proud to serve with some of the best and brightest in the tech community!

My career led to a passion for professional writing surrounding maritime security and national defense matters, IT management, and cybersecurity policy. 

I've always been a nerd, and proud of it; my geeky roots led me to the career I have today, and I still watch plenty of SciFi & Fantasy, have a library of too many video games, and cultivate a collection of tabletop games just waiting for the right group to come along.

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My writing

In 2014, one of my Navy mentors (now an admiral) challenged me to publish in the Navy's unofficial professional journal, Proceedings (a publication of the U.S. Naval Institute in Annapolis, MD). I published "The Next Generation of Afloat Networks" in Mar 2015 and discovered that I had a lot more to say. I've since challenged myself to submit articles for publishing at least once a year in topics from my professional core: information technology, cybersecurity, and maritime security.

My fictional writing hobby started in 1998 with an unpublished, original Military SciFi manuscript, multiple short stories, and Star Trek-based, play-by-email role-playing. My love of science fiction led to a teenage job at a laser tag arena, where we wrote the back-story tapestry of Starbase Omega, and culminated in a full manuscript of the same name.

My family

I'm happily married to the former Rachel Hastings, and we surround ourselves with all sorts of furry beasts that keep us entertained (and doing a lot of cleaning).

We enjoy relaxing at home (perhaps a little too much), but have a passion for travel and all things "geek."

Rachel Howard is a senior manager for Starbucks Coffee Company, an MBA graduate of Touro College, and a passionate volunteer for numerous local community and military spouse organizations. She has a passion for theater and fine arts, and is a voracious advocate for animals (her parents help organize a national dog rescue association).

My Creative Writing

I use Medium.com as the vehicle for my creative writing, currently writing within the "Starbase Omega" creative universe. Take a look and leave some feedback to help me improve my style!